14 10 2014

I took my foot injury pretty well. Even when I thought it was a stress fracture. At this point I almost wish it was just so I would know what was happening. I’m out of the boot (thank goodness) or I thought I was. I continue to go to physical therapy. I feel like I’m making progress. But now they want me to wear the boot again. I feel like I want to throw a tantrum.


She misses running too.

That paragraph was written almost three weeks ago. I am getting more frustrated by the minute. I went back to the doctor last week and she wants me to continue physical therapy. I really thought my foot was getting better until this past weekend in Boston where I really don’t feel like I over did it, but apparently I did. I’m back to wearing my running shoes to work, which in case you are wondering look awesome with my skirt today <eyeroll>.

I’m losing patience. I’m getting upset. I want to run. Hell, I want to be able to take my dog for a walk. I want to be able to dance at a friend’s wedding and not be in pain. I have given up on any races for the rest of 2014. I registered for a race in January and I’m suddenly terrified I won’t be able to run it.

I’m jealous of everyone running. I miss it. I miss running in decent temperatures. I miss running with Rosie. I miss running with Sara. I miss seeing running friends at events. I miss the time to myself. I miss the fresh air. I miss all of it.

Colorado Adventures

3 09 2014

I spent Labor Day weekend in Colorado. My mom and I decided earlier this summer it had been too long since we’d been out there and we needed to see the mountains. So we checked out flights, I used up my stupid Frontier miles and we made it happen. 

And then I got injured. Which killed all hopes of hiking and limited my walking a lot. It did make it so I could get on the plane first. 

Hell yeah I milked the boot.

Hell yeah I milked the boot.

Mom picked me up at DIA (she was already in Colorado) and we drove to Fort Collins. Now supposedly I have been there before. It has been at least twenty years if not longer so sure I’ve been there. The only scheduled thing we had was our tour at New Belgium. What a fun tour. It is a free 90 minute tour (that you have to book weeks out) during which you get to taste five beers. There were a lot of stairs so I definitely took the elevator the one chance I hate. Going down stairs is still super awkward in the boot.


New Belgium was a blast

After the tour, tasting a few other beers, and buying a lot of souvenirs (yes I needed that bike bell) we went back to the hotel. We decided to check out some of the smaller breweries and took the hotel shuttle to Pateros Creek Brewing. It was a really cute little place with very friendly staff. At this point mom and I decided to share flights as we really just wanted to try different beers. The girl working at Pateros told us about a new tap room across the alley after assuring us it wasn’t a sketchy alley, Freedom’s Edge Brewing Company out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. They had some very interesting beers and some blah beers. (If you want to know my thoughts on these beers find me on Untappd.) We decided dinner was necessary and ventured off to CooperSmith’s Pub and Brewing which had been recommended by a few people. I’m pretty sure at this point neither of us wanted more beer, but we each tried one with dinner and then called it a night. 

On Saturday we had a leisurely morning and enjoyed the view from our hotel: Mountains and hundreds of people biking over to the Tour de Fat.

I wish I could wake up every morning and have my coffee by the mountains.

I wish I could wake up every morning and have my coffee by the mountains.

After a delicious breakfast at Lucile’s we drove down to Boulder. Funny story, as I’m looking at the map, yes a real map, I mention to my mom that I didn’t realize how close to Wyoming we were. She tells me they used to drive over the border in college to drink because the legal age was 18 in Wyoming and 21 in Colorado. Driving to Boulder is one of my favorite things. I have never actually lived in Colorado, but for the first 25 years of my life I visiting 1-3 times a year including solo trips to Boulder starting at age 5 to visit my grandparents. 

There are some things that remain the same, but so much has changed. I have so many memories of the Pearl Street Mall, most of which are me playing on the rocks. 


These rocks used to be surrounded by tiny pebbles. Apparently they decided to make it safer and use the playground rubber now.

wpid-wp-1409751222176.jpegThe best beer we tasted in Boulder was West Flanders Brewing Company. They had fantastic beers and good food. I highly recommend this place if you are in Boulder. Do not go to Walnut Creek Brewery. I’m a bit confused how it’s related to Rock Bottom, but it is. I got a few different stories, but the main thing is the beer is just as bad as at Rock Bottom. 

Sunday morning we drove up into the Mountains. It was cold and rainy, but we just didn’t care. It was beautiful and we were in the Mountains.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After our trip into the mountains we went back down to Boulder and walked the Pearl Street Mall some more. The combination of not being able to hike in the mountains and then walking too much was frustrating and limiting. Stupid foot. 

All in all it was a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to get back once I don’t have a boot. 

Good News/Bad News

28 08 2014

Good Newsbucky badger

  • No stress fracture
  • Badger football on Saturday
  • Colorado tomorrow
  • I get to meet Courtney this weekend

Bad News

  • Still have to wear the boot
  • Start PT today
  • No Badger bar in Boulder

Road Blocks

25 08 2014

I started a blog post last week entitled: Baby Steps.

I use DailyMile. I still use it mainly because I’m too lazy to put it somewhere else. I get those weekly emails of your Activity Report. I hate those emails more than anything when I’m not running and minimally running. I feel like I’m being taunted by the internet. Finally this week I received one that didn’t make me cringe for the first time in months. It wasn’t high mileage, but it wasn’t 0 or 3 either. And it was more than the week before.

I got lazy/bored with myself so never finished the post.

Skip ahead to Thursday and I finally admitted to myself that the pain in my left foot was more than my PF and more than normal pain. I hopped on MyChart and requested an appointment with my ortho. Turns out he was out of town for two weeks, but there were able to get me in to see someone else. I took the 8:00AM appointment on Friday. I went in, explained my pain and my belief that I had a stress fracture in my left metatarsal. She did a bunch of tests: had me hop, poked my foot, and had x-rays taken. Nothing showed up on the x-ray, but that doesn’t mean anything. She gave me a boot and asked if I wanted an MRI. I discussed my options with her and decided to schedule an MRI.


This is what my foot looks like (don’t even act surprised that I put a Bucky Badger sticker on my boot), and I had my MRI this morning. Now I have to wait. I’m not good at this. It is a probably stress fracture and there is a chance it is in more than one metatarsal. As of right now I have to wear the boot for a minimum of three weeks, but I will find out more.

In what is not normal fashion for me, I have not cried. I almost did when I left the doctor’s office, but didn’t. I don’t know what it is. I can swim and bike so I did both this weekend. I quit one gym and joined one with a pool. I’m a happy fish back in the pool so I think that part of this will be fun.

I’ve been thinking a lot about all of this and how frustrated and burned out I’ve been about running. As I started biking and swimming again I thought back to my triathlon years. I never got injured. Triathlons are forced cross training. I may need to go back to something like that. I’m sick and tired of spending so much time at the ortho’s office. I don’t know what I’m going to do and I’m not giving up running. I’m just frustrated.

A New Motivation

15 07 2014

It’s funny what will motivate a person. I find motivational quotes nauseating. They do nothing for me. I have all kinds of things motivate my running over the years. From attacking a new distance to reaching new goals. I’ve been pretty unmotivated lately and really have no idea why. But for the millionth time am going to start over.

Yesterday I was digging through my purse, one I’ve had forever and just switched back to, and found this:

pace band

I used to be able to run that. Those numbers didn’t scare me. I stared at it for awhile. I’ve thought about it since. I’ve pulled that silly little piece of paper out of my purse several more times. I desperately want to be able to run that again. I do not have a race in mind. I do not have a plan on when this will happen. (I’m not running the next two half marathons I’m registered for; one because I’m undertrained and one because of a trip.) Basically I have a ton of time to base build and come up with a plan. I’ve done this enough times I trust myself to create my own plan whenever I choose to actually race 13.1 again.

I love this distance and I don’t want to be done with it. I know I’m capable of more than what I have half-assed this year. My PR is from NOLA in 2012. I think it’s time to change that.

Walk, Run and Wag 5k

1 07 2014

I ran this race last year as part of a friend’s Bachlorette weekend. It was picked solely because it fell on the right day. Then I adopted my wonderful Rosie last July and realized I could run the six-legged race in 2014. I basically registered the second it opened and paid an extra $5 for Rosie to get an adorable kerchief.

She's adorable.

She’s adorable.

My mom decided to run it with us so we all drove over to Tosa in the morning. Rosie had decided she was afraid to go outside that morning so we had to take a bathroom stop as soon as we arrived. As a responsible dog owner I’m always prepared. Rosie and I checked in and mom registered herself. We still had a lot of time to wait so I let Rosie sniff every dog that we walked past. She behaved so well I can’t even believe it. I tried to get her to go into one of the little pools, but that didn’t work.

I think there was a little too much waiting around for Rosie. She started to get antsy. I don’t blame her. The 5k for just people started first. Finally it was our turn to go. The mass start overwhelmed her and she spent the first half mile checking to make sure I was still behind her. We had to make another bathroom stop at about three quarters of a mile. Thankfully the water stop had garbages and water bowls for the dogs. Rosie decided she need water from all three bowls. It was warm and humid so I wasn’t going to stop her. Sometimes I forget just how happy she is when she is running. We stopped at all three water stops and then pushed it on in for the finish. Since mom ran with the first group (no dogs) she was at the finish to capture us.

Rosie's first 5k

Rosie’s first 5k

Overall it was a blast to run a race with my favorite running buddy. Rosie has been a great addition to my home and loves running probably more than I do. It wasn’t fast, but it was her first time running with that many people and dogs. We’ll do another one for sure.

Ragnar 2014

26 06 2014

So I’m a little behind on blogging. I’m also lazy. And it’s summer (well supposedly). Really I just haven’t felt like it. Plus Ragnar didn’t quite go as I had planned (more on that later).

The Thursday night before Van 1 all gathered in Milwaukee and started our trek to Madison. We had a nice little surprise when checking in at the hotel. The “suites” I thought I had reserved turned out to not be suites.

We thought about three of us in a bed...

We thought about three of us in a bed…

I volunteered to sleep on the floor. I called it urban camping.

I volunteered to sleep on the floor. I called it urban camping.

After giggling like morons as we do, we went to bed. And what felt like moments later, Jen, Erica and I got up stupid early to meet the rest of Van 1 and head to the start. I’m pretty sure Erica said “Running is stupid” as her first sentence of the morning. I expect nothing less. We went to the start line and had to listen to the dumbest, most annoying safety talk I’ve ever had to listen to at Ragnar. As in we actually complained about it. Before we knew it Erica was off and running.

I was runner six this time so had a lot of time to eat gummy bears, help navigate and wait around. I could tell it was getting hotter and started getting whiny. I also knew this meant I would be slower. Stupid heat (and undertraining). I made sure I was hydrated, covered in sunscreen and not super excited about 9.6 miles in the middle of the day in direct sun. The first several miles were on the road and in the sun. I saw three dead turtles in the first three miles. At about mile 4 we turned onto the Glacial Drumlin Trail and I stupidly thought the shade would last. I had shade for about half a mile. When there was intermittent shade and a little breeze it actually felt good out there, otherwise it was miserable. I pushed myself to the finish, ignore the pebble in my shoe for the last half mile and happily handed off to Van 2.

race_172_photo_3731959 (1)

Smiling, because I’m almost done, not because I feel good.

I quickly said hi to van 2 people and then realized my foot felt funny. I thought it was the pebble in my shoe so I just took my shoe off. It was then I realized my foot hurt and not my usual PF pain. I kind of limped to the van, shoeless, because there was no way I was putting my shoes back on at that point. I really didn’t think too much of my foot at this point. I just wanted nuun and to sit down. Since I was runner 6 we were off duty at this point and heading straight to Water Street Brewery in Delafield. When we got there I realized I could barely put weight on my left foot. I hobbled into the restaurant and immediately called my dad. I knew the pain wasn’t normal. As soon as I told him what was going on my heart dropped. He thought it could be broken.


Off duty relaxation time.

After lunch we set up camp (a shade tent) at Wales Park and I iced my foot with hopes that it would miraculously not be in pain any more. I rested for quite awhile and then had to hobble across the park to use the bathroom. My foot definitely still hurt so I continued to ice it. I called my dad again and we discussed it. He ended my Ragnar then and there. The positive was I had already run over half my miles and my team was totally awesome about breaking up the rest of my runs. I almost cried once, but held it together and decided to still enjoy the rest of it.

My new toy

My new toy

I ended up doing a lot of navigating and some driving to give Aaron a reprieve. Erica took my second leg, three miles in her old neighborhood and then we passed off to Van 2 again. It was almost bed naptime.

I love this sunrise, every year. Beautiful Lake Michicagn

I love this sunrise, every year. Beautiful Lake Michigan

We got up after something like three hours of sleep, which was awesome. I slept pretty well. No random person tried to wake me up this year so that was a plus. I was still a little sad to not be running, but was very much looking forward to breakfast after Van 1 was done.  By everyone’s third leg people are just tired. We wanted to get our runners done before it got too hot and my teammates were running extra miles since I couldn’t run. We made it to Exchange 30 and passed off to Van 2 with breakfast in our sites.

After a wonderful breakfast we found our way to the parking lot that had buses to the finish (I still don’t like this). We got our free beers and some pizza and settled in on a blanket before the rest of the team got there. We had time to do a little Ragnar shopping and drink some more beers that we brought. I found Mo finally and then Van 2 got there.


Team Photo!

Team #31 I Just Felt Like Running

Anne came flying in and we gathered together to run to the finish. Ragnar number 4 was done.


Van 1: Thanks for running my miles

And then we had the absolute worst part of Ragnar: The Drive Home. We got back to Milwaukee around 8:00pm on Saturday, unpacked the van and that was it. I showered, started laundry and went to bed. I think I slept 13 hours.

Foot Update: it was not broken and actually started feeling a bit better by Sunday. I’m glad I didn’t run on it, but sad I only ran part of Ragnar. I guess I just have to go back for 2015.