The Good Hurt

I have now had two personal training sessions. It hurts to sit down and stand up, so that’s fun. But it’s the good hurt. I’m enjoying the good hurt and know a lot of it is waking up muscles I’ve ignored for way too long. Monday I had an hour session after a 45 minute spin class. She kicked my ass. I went home, ate, and passed out. Getting out of bed the next morning hurt. I had every intention of running Tuesday, but basically every movement hurt and there was a Badger game on at 6:00pm. I foam rolled instead and remembered how much that can hurt. Also, hurts so good activity. Wednesday I ran three miles before meeting my trainer for 30 minutes. I had time to kill and decided running would loosen up my legs. It did. Thank goodness.

liftingWe are working on strength work and core work. Basically everything she has me doing I have done before at some point, but don’t remember exactly how to do it or just don’t do it. It’s no secret I’ve hated strength training, and core work usually ends up with me just laying on the floor. What, that doesn’t work? She noticed during our first session that my left ankle is still weaker than the right (the left foot was the injured one), so we are working on strengthening my ankles in addition to everything else. I’m often stupidly stubborn so am determined to do everything she tells me to do. My body lets me push it, but did remind me there are limits. She makes me stop when I lose form or am obviously hurting. This is why I pay someone.

Today I don’t hurt so much. Standing up and sitting down is getting easier, which makes life easier. I will be going to spin class tonight, taking a rest day tomorrow, and spinning and/or running this weekend. She has given me homework of wall sits, ankle raises, and drinking more water. I kind of can’t wait to see what she has for me next week.

Book Club

My book club is so much more than a book club. It’s a wonderful group of women that welcomed me in when I moved back to Milwaukee. It’s a group of women I love to gather with once a month. When we have to explain how we all know each other it starts to sound ridiculous. Some of us go back 15 years. Some of us met last year. I love it. It’s a group that comes together once a month to catch up on life and talk about everything. We have commonalities and differences. I may not see these ladies often, but I can’t imagine my life without them.

Over the last four years we have read some good books. We have ready some awful books. We have all not read books, but we continue to get together. And even when we’re not discussing the current book people always have recommendations about one we should read. I truly treasure these nights. It may only be two hours once a month, but we’ve had fun celebrating birthdays, engagements, weddings, babies, new jobs, moves, and everything in between.

For those that are curious here is our list of books for this year:

  • Feb – Yes Please! Amy Poehler
  • April – Wonder, R. J. Palacio
  • June – Everything I Never Told You, Celeste Ng
  • August – Born to Run, Christopher McDougall
  • October – Prodigal Summer, Barbara Kingsolver
  • December – Sharon Tate Recollection, Debra Tate

We’ve chosen to discuss a book every other month to make it more doable for everyone. This list comes from suggestions for many of us and we tried to mix up what types of books we’re ready. I think it’s nice to have it planned out for the year, especially with a few books on the list I have been meaning to read for years.

Training Smarter

If you know me or read my blog it’s fairly obvious that I’m injury prone. I’ve probably spent more time in orthopedic doctor’s offices than all other types of doctors combined. I’ve spent who knows how much time in physical therapy. It’s infuriating when I try to be smart about things and not pile on the mileage too quickly and listen to my body. This time around I was really careful and probably could have started running early than I did, but I was afraid.

I’ve been going to anywhere from 1-4 spin classes a week for the last several months and have a base fitness which is great. I’ve translated running fitness to the bike before, but never the other way around. I’m really enjoying cycling and have every intention of continuing with it as I get back to running. I know I need to cross train. I know I need to take better care of my body. I desperately want to stay away for the orthopedic doctor and they physical therapist. Nothing against them.

Yesterday I met with a personal trainer. I have used a running coach. I have been on a tri team. But this time I decided I need more help with the non-cardio part of my fitness. I want to be more healthy overall and not just have running fitness or cycling fitness. My goal is to get stronger. I know I can get myself back to running half marathons. I don’t worry about that. I physical-fitness-woman-weight-liftingworry about strength training and core work. I hate it. I hate all of it and usually just end up laying on my yoga mat doing nothing. That’s not productive. By wonderful luck I was matched up with a trainer that I think is great. She was happy that I was so specific in what I want and I’m happy she has a history in working with injured people. We had a very productive conversation and I have high hopes I will actually enjoy this. I start next week and can’t wait to get stronger and healthier.

Running Again: For Real

I have followed through on my last post. I’m following my own advice. I’m running again. It’s great. I did my first run with no walk breaks since August yesterday. It was a beautiful snow run through a local park. It looked like a winter wonderland and felt amazing I wanted to just keep running and running, but decided to still stop at twenty minutes since it was my first run with no walk breaks. I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere.

I’m still spinning two to three times a week and really enjoying that. I’ve found the instructors I like and know it’s good to keep up the cross training. My plan at this point it to keep going to spin two to three times a week and to continue building my runs up by running three times a week. Once I’ve got a base of being able to run I would like to build up some distance, but at this point I’d just like to get some base miles in. Now that I have done twenty minutes I want to sign up for a 5k just to prove to myself I can still do it. Getting to twenty five minutes and then thirty minutes shouldn’t be too far away at this point.

2015 Plans:

  • Ragnar Chicago – June
  • Milwaukee Running Festival – November

I am terrified of doing too much too soon so have ban myself from registering for anything else at this point. I will probably need to be one of the runners with lower mileage for Ragnar,but really after last year I’ll just be happy to run all three legs. I believe a November half marathon is safe as far as building up distance and speed. Sticking with baby steps and I’ll eventually get back to distance running.

Ready to Run

I know I’m finally ready to run again. Yes I know I was cleared to start running awhile ago, but I was afraid. Since we never really knew what was wrong with my foot or how I did it I’ve been terrified that it’s not healed or that I’ll hurt it again. But now, for shrewdest the second time in 2015, I’m sitting at a race, not running. My friends are running a half marathon. I want to run a half marathon. Heck, I want to run a 5k.

This is on me. I need to get back to my run/walk build up. I’ve used illnesses as excuses. I’ve used spin class as an excuse. I’ve used fear. I need to get over all of it and just run because at this point I’m sick of listening to myself. I’ll never get back to running half marathons if I don’t run.

So my new mantra is get over yourself and run. No more excuses.

Goodbye 2014

Well it’s been one hell of a year. From running in frigid temps on New Year’s Day to my baby brother getting engaged to saying goodbye to my beloved dog to adventures with new friends. I traveled. I ran. I got injured. I enjoyed Milwaukee. I celebrated many friends’ marriages. The Badgers made it to the Final Four. I had wonderful adventures with friends and family. I ventured back to DC. All in all it has been a fantastic year. And while there was way less running than in the previous five years of my life, that’s okay. I handled this injury much better than in the past and spent months in PT and filled my life with other fun things. Instead of recapping it all I had a blast going through a year’s worth of photos. Happy New Year Friends!

January, February, March

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April, May, June

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July, August, September

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October, November, December

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Running Again, Finally

It feels like an eternity since I last ran (before Labor Day).  I was finally cleared last Tuesday to run outside. I’ve been kind of running on the AlterG treadmill. The AlterG is also called an anti-gravity treadmill. It calibrates to your weight and then you can set it to run a % of your body weight. I started running at 60% of my body weight and worked my way up to 80% with the running to walking ratio improving each week. The AlterG is a very strange feeling and I really had no idea what to expect once I was allowed to run outside. I did order new shoes as prescribed by my PT. I found a killer deal on last year’s model and was able to get them in a pretty purple. I’ve never been so happy to spend money on another pair of running shoes.

New Shoes!
New Shoes!

Run is a very loose term here. My physical therapist has a get back to running plan, which starts with a high ratio of walking to running. I felt kind of ridiculous getting dressed to go walk 4 minutes/run 1 minute x 4, but it was something and we’re having unseasonably warm weather so I went. And it was amazing. I wanted to keep going, but really, really don’t want to get injured again so followed my stupid plan. I’m going to keep going to spin class at least two times a week. I’ve found the instructors that I really like and I know the cross training is good for me.

I get to close out the year a runner again. No races for now and nothing crazy, but I’m running and it’s something. I can’t wait to get back out there. I’m setting exactly zero goals for 2015 other than to run healthy and happy.