2011 Race Calendar

Yeah, I know it is June and halfway through 2011, but I don’t really care. The first six months of 2011 didn’t really go as I had planned. 1) I wasn’t supposed to be in Wisconsin. I was supposed to be in DC. 2) I wasn’t supposed to get injured AGAIN (stupid hamstring, I hate you) and 3) I lost my motivation sometime in April and didn’t really find it until the end of May.

Completed 2011 Races

I ran a tiny 5K in January. I think it was called the Frosty 5K. It was something like 8 degrees out, maybe 10 (apparently I acclimated back to Wisconsin winter pretty quickly). I won my age group with no problem and was the second woman overall. Let’s not go back and look at the numbers of how  many people this is out of, I was just coming back from the stress fracture in my femur and not running for four months. It was a nice little booster when I needed it.

In March I flew back to DC to run the National Half. I was so excited to go back to DC and race in my city, plus it was a course I had run before. Several of my friends were running it and more were volunteering at the aid station at mile 7. This year the race was the week after my birthday (last year it was on my birthday) so the trip was one big party for me. I got to see my friends, have a nice pasta dinner, race, brunch, and birthday celebration. I wasn’t going for a PR because I knew I didn’t have all my fitness back. I ended up running a course PR and having a blast. If you are interested the full race recap is on DailyMile.

I was supposed to run the Madison Half Marathon Memorial Day weekend, but backed out of it due to May. I’m just pretending that month didn’t happen at this point. I did not regret that decision one bit. I needed a weekend to relax. Too much travel between work and person trips. And I needed to rest up for Ragnar. Instead of racing I enjoyed wine in the backyard and a trail run.

June was Ragnar Chicago. You can go back one post and see my awesome adventure.

Next up:

Dances with Dirt – Half Marathon- July 9, 2011
The idea behind this one was just to do something different and fun. My goals are 1) finish 2) finish without injuring myself 3) have fun

Army Ten Miler – October 9, 2011
Because I needed an excuse to go back to DC and I love ten milers. And did I mention I get to go to DC?

Rock’n’Roll St. Louis – October 23, 2011
Peer pressure, what can I say? I want to see some of my running buddies and St. Louis isn’t that far.  And Jenn posted pictures of the medals.

Tyranena Beer Run – Half Marathon – November 5, 2011
One of my absolute best friends is flying to Wisconsin to run her first half marathon. Lots of people have told me this is a fun race. You get beer at the finish, how is that not fun?

Those are the four I am registered for. Who knows what else I will add or be peer pressured into running. If you want to be a bad influence on me, feel free to suggest other races. I do want to add a 5k in somewhere, which my dad said he would run. I also want to do a metric century on my bike.

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