Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee

Let’s just say I had no idea what I was getting into.  People said it would be fun, people warned me to pace myself, but nothing prepared me for the 2011 Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee.

Pabst Brewery

I met up with my dad at the old Pabst Brewery and the party was already started. People were decked out in Pee-Wee Herman garb, the PBR was flowing and the polka music was blasting. We met up with some of our friends who knew more people doing the ride.

Best Place

This was basically a bar crawl on wheels. The first stop was Sobelmans and then we biked over to West Allis. The bar was so crazy-crowded that we went to a Mexican restaurant down the street and got food and margaritas. Thank god we got food there. After food it was decided to head straight to the Lakefront Brewery since free beer started at 2:30. (Note to self: Free alcohol is always a bad idea. Repeat, free alcohol is bad). It was an absolutely beautiful day to hang out in the sun by the river. Things started getting a lot more crazy here. Here are a few select shots from the craziness.

Me and Dad
Me and my new friend Tish
Me, Dad, Ariel, Eric

All in all a fun day. I am pretty sure my dad enjoyed it as well. And for the second time this year I have learned I am too old to drink all day. No more bar crawls.

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