Rest Days

Rest days are sometimes loathed and sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel (tough week). There are days I am so glad it is a rest day or wish it was a rest day and then there are days like today, I want to run. I really want to run. I really, really want to run. It is a nice day out and my legs are feeling good (mind you I have been sitting at a desk all day), but sigh, today is a rest day. And at this point in my life I know that the rest days are just as important as the workout days.

Stella is clearly trying to steal my wine.

I know my body needs to recover and I know I have harder workouts coming up this week. I mean, it is only Tuesday, but somehow my mind goes into two year old mode and I keep hearing “but I wanna” in a whiny tone. Thankfully there is this stupid rational part of my brain that says “no”. I might go for a bike ride though, that’s not running.

So rest days? Good idea/bad idea? (I know they are good, please don’t try to lecture me. I just want to run today.) Do you look forward to rest days or do you dread them? or does it just depend upon the day?

Maybe related: I am so freaking excited for my best friend to visit this weekend that I can barely concentrate on anything. I want to play, now!

I guess I will just have to sit on the couch and drink wine with the cat, only if I can wrestle it from her first.

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