Three Things Thursday

1. My best friend Marie gets here tomorrow. I really cant contain myself. I haven’t seen her since last October when we watch the Badgers smack the Gophers all over the field. I have no idea how I am going to get any work done today or tomorrow. She was my random roommate freshman year of college and we lived together all four years. She is like my sister. I assume insanity will ensue this weekend. There also might be beer consumed.

2. The Tour de France starts this weekend. This is another thing I am super pumped for. I love watching the tour. I have been watching it for as long as I can remember. I come from a cycling family so it makes sense. Also, each year, my mom likes to pick one of the riders she thinks I should marry. Can’t wait to see who it is this year.

3. Insurance – get it, for everything. As someone who has had to make claims on both my renters insurance and my car insurance in the last six months, it is worth it.

Me and Marie at Homecoming 2010

2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

    1. Ok, maybe I should have said “there might be LOTS of beer consumed”. Silly details. Only 25 hours until I get to see you!

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