Three Things Thursday

1. I HATE the term runnerds. It bothers me every time someone uses it on twitter. I don’t know what it is, but the term makes me cringe. I think it is horrible. I seriously won’t respond to people if they ask a question towards “runnerds”. I am a runner. I like running. I may be nerdy about my running. Do NOT EVER call me a runnerd.

2. I have been really missing my running group lately, which is a little strange since I haven’t actually run with them in over a year. I am tired of running by myself all the time. I signed up for the Cudahy Classic on Sunday just so I don’t have to do my run alone. I’m not racing this, I’m just not running alone.

3. One of the biggest advantages of moving home (other than being near family) is I get to see other friends when they are in town. One of my college roommates was in town this week. We honestly couldn’t remember the last time we saw each other. She moved away about two months before I did. I’m not sure we were ever home at the same time over the last three years. It was so much fun to hangout with her and just chat and have a good time. And now I need to plan a trip to Hawaii sometime in the next three years to visit her and her husband while they still live there.


Always (re)learning

On Friday I posted about changing my mentality. I did. I followed through on my list. I did my runs, I applied for jobs and I realized I have an awesome string of events coming up this summer/fall (see my upcoming races).

I also did some learning. We all know last weeks weather sucked. It was ridiculously hot, it was ridiculously humid and running sucked. I ran outside on Tuesday morning. I kind of ran on the evil treadmill on Wednesday and then I kept saying I was going to do Thursday’s run. It did not happen Thursday, it did not happen Friday. It finally happened Saturday morning. I ran 4 miles. It wasn’t too hot, it was humid, but I ran by the lake and am pretty sure I imagined a light breeze off of Lake Michigan. After finally checking out the South Shore Farmer’s Market and running some errands with my mom I decided to sit on the couch and bond with my DVR.¬† The weather prediction was iffy all weekend and I knew I needed to get a 10 mile run in on Sunday. After looking at the forecast for Saturday evening and Sunday morning I decided I was better off doing a second run on Saturday. What? Me doing a two-a-day workout? I know, it sounds crazy. And I probably never would have done it if it weren’t for Ragnar.

I switched from afternoon beer (online job applications drove me to drinking) to water. I decided to fuel up and waited for 7:00pm to come around. As I set out for my second run for the day I decided to run in the opposite direction than I had earlier in the day. That was possibly not the brightest decision I made all day. The run was an adventure. Thankfully there was actually a breeze coming off of the Lake at this point in the day. It was humid, so humid, but the temp wasn’t so bad. I ran to the little red lighthouse and back. It ended up being 9.5 miles, which was good enough for me. I snuck into McDonald’s on the way back to refill my handheld and am pretty sure no one even noticed me. The cold water was amazing.

Things I (re)learned this weekend:

  1. I am capable of more than I think I am.
  2. I really enjoy running without music.*
  3. I sunburn way too easily.**

*I can’t find my shuffle so have been running without music all week.
**I did a recovery ride with my mom on Sunday. I put sunscreen on. This is what I look like, WITH sunscreen.

Changing Mentality

I have been whining and bitching a lot lately. I need to change this. My life is not terrible. I have bad days. I have good days. Heck, I was just able to pull off an unplanned vacation to France with my family. So basically, shut up Renee and get on with your life.

Things I am going to change:

1. I will do my runs. Weather is just part of being a runner.

2. I will apply for jobs this weekend.

3. I will look forward to the fun things I have planned for the rest of summer and for fall.

4. I will accept that life does not go as we plan.

5. I will be more positive.

Dad, Me, Lauren, Levi and Mom

Also, I will clean my apartment this weekend. (I figured if I write this down type it, I might actually do it.)

Running in the humidity and other ramblings

1. It is the hottest day in 5 years or at least that is what ever media outlet in Wisconsin is telling us.

2. I hate weather in the 90s. I was miserable most of last summer in DC. I actually prefer snow.

3. Even though it was miserable (above 90 for 63 days last summer) I somehow managed to get up and run at ungodly hours.

4. I miss being fast.

5. My times and distances are pathetic compared to last summer.

6. I seriously have no idea how someone runs more than 6 miles on a treadmill. I actually become depressed when running that long on the evil machine.

7. Signing up for races used to be good motivation for me. I have now backed out of two races this year.

8. I am having a “life isnt fair” day, not moment as I earlier tweeted.

9. I did run this morning. It was only 76 degrees, but 88% humidity. Those were six miserable miles.

10. Humidity is the devil.

11. My achilles is bothering me and I can’t ignore it anymore.

12. My jetlag may be gone, but I still have this nagging headache that started on Sunday.

13. I hate my job just a little bit more every day and still don’t feel all that settle in Milwaukee.

14. I am seriously considering relearning French and applying for a job with the company my brother works for.

15. My masters degree was a waste of time and money.

Charity Running

People frequently ask me what charity I run for.

Truth: I run for me. I don’t run for a greater good or to save the world. I don’t feel bad about that either.

Does this mean I don’t care?

Not at all. I just keep my running and charities separate. I donate to charities I really believe in and to organizations I have researched.

I hate asking people for money. Even when it is for charity. I believe people will choose to donate to causes that they want to donate toward. I don’t want to put people in the awkward position of feeling that they have to donate to something that may not be their choice of cause or organization.

I do not look down upon charity runners at all. I think it is fantastic that people raise thousands of dollars for causes they believe in. Runners raise both awareness and funds for much needed causes and organizations. If I don’t donate to your charity it’s not that I don’t support what you are doing it’s just that I am picky about where my money goes.

Just don’t try to make me feel guilty for running for myself. Running is me time and I won’t let that get taken away, ever.

I’m home! Quick France Summary and a sweaty run

I got home last night around 9pm central time. We left Marseille, France at 6:15am Paris time. We traveled for a lot of hours and I had the fun of an extra connecting flight since I bought my ticket so late.


We were in southern France in Provence. It was absolutely beautiful. (I promise pictures later). My family had rented a house in Venasque (I had never heard of the town before arriving). Also, house is a relative term. We explored the region, tasted wine, did a cooking class, went to markets, relaxed and met a bunch of my brother’s colleagues.

Fun story from the flight over:

My international flight was Detroit to Paris. I had over the counter sleeping pills and planned on sleeping most of the flight. After getting seating in my AISLE seat a man came on and said I was in his seat (he was wrong), but this lead to some chit chat. Flight attendants kept coming over and thanking me/the man next to me. It turns out he flies to France 7-8 times a year for work and likes to bring the flight attendants a little treat. He gave them a few bags of Snickers bars for this flight. They were so appreciative and thought I was traveling with him so I got to benefit from this as well. We got first class wine and first class dessert. It was awesome. And then after 3 glasses of wine and two sleeping pills I passed out until we were almost in Paris. A great overnight flight and thank you to a very nice man named Greg from Kentucky.

Jetlag and running:

Since I was wide awake at 5:40 I decided I might as well get a run in. We came home to week of heat advisories, oh yay. It was hot in France, but not humid. OMG was it humid this morning. It wasnt even hot yet, only 73, but I am sweaty and gross. Real running and training resumes tomorrow. I plan on using this being awake at 5:30 in the morning to force myself to be a morning runner again.

That’s all for now. I promise more.