4th of July

Summer finally showed up this past weekend. With a bang, just like the fireworks. My best friend flew in on Friday so the weekend of fun began at 4:30pm. I let her know that I needed to get in an 8 mile run this weekend and she said she would stay home with the cat (very generous).

Marie and Me @ the Horny Goat Hideaway

We dropped her stuff off at my apartment and went straight to the Horny Goat Hideaway. We had some beers, met some fun older couples who and moved on down the street for dinner and more drinks. We possibly stayed up a bit too late. Saturday morning run did not happen. It was hot, we were going to Summerfest, Marie was here, really any excuse worked.

Saturday was our Summerfest day. I really couldn’t remember the last time I went. It must have been some time in college. We were going to the main stage to see Jason Mraz and Guster. Random amphitheater show, but inexpensive tickets and Marie wanted to go. Amazing show. Jason Mraz was ridiculously sexy while performing and an amazing performer. Other than the shrieking idiot behind us (I actually yelled at her) it was a fabulous evening. The show started really early (6:30) so we were able to get over to the Maroon 5 show as well. Adam Levine is yummy. Another very sexy performer. Oh and the band was good. 🙂 Fun, fun day. It didn’t matter that is was 8 gazillian degrees and there were tens of thousands of people at the park.


Another very late night. Plus we had to take showers before going to be. Once again my run did not happen Sunday morning. We drove out to my parents house for brunch. It was hot. Milwaukee always does their firework show, The Big Bang, on July 3rd so we went back downtown. I cam up with the brilliant plan to take the free Summerfest shuttle back and forth. The drivers didn’t know or care if we actually went in Summerfest. The plan worked out wonderfully. We had a yummy dinner and then watched the fireworks from the top of a parking garage in the Third Ward. The fireworks were awesome. They lasted an entire hour. I may have tweeted something about the Milwaukee fireworks being more impressive than DC’s. That wasn’t exactly what I meant. I just remember being disappointed last year with how quick they went by. There is nothing like watching the fireworks with the monuments in the back ground. That being said, the Milwaukee fireworks were awesome and everything I remembered.

All in all it was a great weekend and I hate that Marie lives 2000 miles away. Also, I need someone to slap me on the head and get my running back on track.

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