Three Things Thursday

1. I leave for France tomorrow. I bought the ticket on Tuesday. I have never ever done a trip like this before. I plan, I think about, I ruminate. This time I thought I was wishing my parents a good time and telling them to give my brother a hug. I did have buyers remorse, but now I don’t.

Me and Levi in Napa

2. I looked at my running from last summer. I almost cried. Why can’t I get back there? I have been “overcoming” my injury since January. I am healed. Stress fracture gone. I know I’m not marathon training this year, but what the hell am I doing?

3. My family means the world to me, which is why I dropped everything and am flying to France. I hate that my baby brother lives in Italy and I get to see him once a year. It was bad enough when we lived on opposite coasts.

Dad, Mom, Levi and Me - St. Martin

Can you see why he hates that I call him little brother or baby brother?

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