I’m home! Quick France Summary and a sweaty run

I got home last night around 9pm central time. We left Marseille, France at 6:15am Paris time. We traveled for a lot of hours and I had the fun of an extra connecting flight since I bought my ticket so late.


We were in southern France in Provence. It was absolutely beautiful. (I promise pictures later). My family had rented a house in Venasque (I had never heard of the town before arriving). Also, house is a relative term. We explored the region, tasted wine, did a cooking class, went to markets, relaxed and met a bunch of my brother’s colleagues.

Fun story from the flight over:

My international flight was Detroit to Paris. I had over the counter sleeping pills and planned on sleeping most of the flight. After getting seating in my AISLE seat a man came on and said I was in his seat (he was wrong), but this lead to some chit chat. Flight attendants kept coming over and thanking me/the man next to me. It turns out he flies to France 7-8 times a year for work and likes to bring the flight attendants a little treat. He gave them a few bags of Snickers bars for this flight. They were so appreciative and thought I was traveling with him so I got to benefit from this as well. We got first class wine and first class dessert. It was awesome. And then after 3 glasses of wine and two sleeping pills I passed out until we were almost in Paris. A great overnight flight and thank you to a very nice man named Greg from Kentucky.

Jetlag and running:

Since I was wide awake at 5:40 I decided I might as well get a run in. We came home to week of heat advisories, oh yay. It was hot in France, but not humid. OMG was it humid this morning. It wasnt even hot yet, only 73, but I am sweaty and gross. Real running and training resumes tomorrow. I plan on using this being awake at 5:30 in the morning to force myself to be a morning runner again.

That’s all for now. I promise more.

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