Charity Running

People frequently ask me what charity I run for.

Truth: I run for me. I don’t run for a greater good or to save the world. I don’t feel bad about that either.

Does this mean I don’t care?

Not at all. I just keep my running and charities separate. I donate to charities I really believe in and to organizations I have researched.

I hate asking people for money. Even when it is for charity. I believe people will choose to donate to causes that they want to donate toward. I don’t want to put people in the awkward position of feeling that they have to donate to something that may not be their choice of cause or organization.

I do not look down upon charity runners at all. I think it is fantastic that people raise thousands of dollars for causes they believe in. Runners raise both awareness and funds for much needed causes and organizations. If I don’t donate to your charity it’s not that I don’t support what you are doing it’s just that I am picky about where my money goes.

Just don’t try to make me feel guilty for running for myself. Running is me time and I won’t let that get taken away, ever.

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