Running in the humidity and other ramblings

1. It is the hottest day in 5 years or at least that is what ever media outlet in Wisconsin is telling us.

2. I hate weather in the 90s. I was miserable most of last summer in DC. I actually prefer snow.

3. Even though it was miserable (above 90 for 63 days last summer) I somehow managed to get up and run at ungodly hours.

4. I miss being fast.

5. My times and distances are pathetic compared to last summer.

6. I seriously have no idea how someone runs more than 6 miles on a treadmill. I actually become depressed when running that long on the evil machine.

7. Signing up for races used to be good motivation for me. I have now backed out of two races this year.

8. I am having a “life isnt fair” day, not moment as I earlier tweeted.

9. I did run this morning. It was only 76 degrees, but 88% humidity. Those were six miserable miles.

10. Humidity is the devil.

11. My achilles is bothering me and I can’t ignore it anymore.

12. My jetlag may be gone, but I still have this nagging headache that started on Sunday.

13. I hate my job just a little bit more every day and still don’t feel all that settle in Milwaukee.

14. I am seriously considering relearning French and applying for a job with the company my brother works for.

15. My masters degree was a waste of time and money.

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