Always (re)learning

On Friday I posted about changing my mentality. I did. I followed through on my list. I did my runs, I applied for jobs and I realized I have an awesome string of events coming up this summer/fall (see my upcoming races).

I also did some learning. We all know last weeks weather sucked. It was ridiculously hot, it was ridiculously humid and running sucked. I ran outside on Tuesday morning. I kind of ran on the evil treadmill on Wednesday and then I kept saying I was going to do Thursday’s run. It did not happen Thursday, it did not happen Friday. It finally happened Saturday morning. I ran 4 miles. It wasn’t too hot, it was humid, but I ran by the lake and am pretty sure I imagined a light breeze off of Lake Michigan. After finally checking out the South Shore Farmer’s Market and running some errands with my mom I decided to sit on the couch and bond with my DVR.  The weather prediction was iffy all weekend and I knew I needed to get a 10 mile run in on Sunday. After looking at the forecast for Saturday evening and Sunday morning I decided I was better off doing a second run on Saturday. What? Me doing a two-a-day workout? I know, it sounds crazy. And I probably never would have done it if it weren’t for Ragnar.

I switched from afternoon beer (online job applications drove me to drinking) to water. I decided to fuel up and waited for 7:00pm to come around. As I set out for my second run for the day I decided to run in the opposite direction than I had earlier in the day. That was possibly not the brightest decision I made all day. The run was an adventure. Thankfully there was actually a breeze coming off of the Lake at this point in the day. It was humid, so humid, but the temp wasn’t so bad. I ran to the little red lighthouse and back. It ended up being 9.5 miles, which was good enough for me. I snuck into McDonald’s on the way back to refill my handheld and am pretty sure no one even noticed me. The cold water was amazing.

Things I (re)learned this weekend:

  1. I am capable of more than I think I am.
  2. I really enjoy running without music.*
  3. I sunburn way too easily.**

*I can’t find my shuffle so have been running without music all week.
**I did a recovery ride with my mom on Sunday. I put sunscreen on. This is what I look like, WITH sunscreen.

3 thoughts on “Always (re)learning

    1. It thankfully doesn’t look nearly as bad today. But I still cant believe that I got that burned with sunscreen on. I may have to check the expiration on my mom’s sunscreen.

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