Cudahy Classic-Ten Miler

I signed up for this “race” because A) it was cheap B) the start was about 5 minutes from my apartment and C) I am sick of doing my long runs by myself. I planned to not race this and just run. Thank god that was the plan. It didn’t start until 8:00am and was already hot and humid. I had 11 on the schedule so ran around the start area to get a mile in before 8:00. When I got back to the start this is what I told Kim and Ginesa “It’s tolerable in the shade.”

I ran the first mile with Kim and Ginesa, trying really hard to not go out too fast since that is my downfall in races and training runs. The first loop wasn’t too bad and I had a couple really good miles in there. I ended up running with/near Sara K (@mkemom). We didn’t actually meet until after the race. After we passed the 5 mile finish line and still had to run 5 more my body made very clear it was not happy with me. I chose to ignore it. It was very hot and humid. A few of the water stops were almost 2 miles apart which felt like 10 at that point. I was grateful I brought my handheld with me.

Overall I was pretty happy with this since the goal was to run 11 miles and not die.

Mile 1 10:16 (pre-race mile)
Mile 2 10:26
Mile 3 9:50
Mile 4 9:58
Mile 5 9:32 (Where did this one come from??)
Mile 6 9:46 (Another good one, I think this is when I was running “with” Sara)
Mile 7 9:46
Mile 8 9:50
Mile 9 10:31 (And here is where my legs decided they didn’t want to run anymore)
Mile 10 10:21
Mile 11 9:42 (Yay for being able to finish strong)
Finished the extra .12 at a pace of 7:34!
Total 11.12 1:51:07 with an average page of 9:59

I am so glad that RnR Chicago starts at 6:30 am. This 8:00 am start was brutal. Hopefully my legs and speed will come to me in 2 weeks. If not, it will be fun to see Jenn and Maureen. I’m also hoping my super Chicago speed my show up.

I signed up for RnRUSA Half (formerly the National Marathon) this morning. It isn’t until March 2012, but today and tomorrow are the cheapest prices. Plus it is my birthday weekend again and I like excuses to go to DC. The first participant from each of state to register  gets a free entry into the event. It opened at midnight eastern time so I planned on staying up until 11 and registering last night. That did not happen. I got in bed at 8:45pm. Oh well. I registered this morning and if I happen to be the first from Wisconsin then yay, if not, at least I got the cheapest price.

Unrelated to anything: How the hell is it August?

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