What happened to my speed?

No really, what happened to my speed?

I used to be faster. My general running pace was faster. I know it is summer, but it is more than that. I know I’m not one to win races, but I was faster than this. I know I am capable of more. This whole rebuilding is crap at this point. A year ago is when I was running too much and got my stress fracture. I am so far away from that. I know speed is relative. What is fast for me is slow for someone else and vice-versa. I’m not here to bitch about people being faster than me. I am aware that there are lots of people faster than me. This is about my speed, my abilities, what I am capable of.

I want my speed back. I am working toward it. I do my workouts (most of the time). I run easy, I run hard, I log miles. I am tired of being patient. I have a half marathon next weekend that I want need to do decent in just for my own morale. It doesn’t need to be a PR, but I have a number in my head that it does need to be faster than (or I might do something immature and throw a fit).

Chicago Speed

My very first half marathon-NYC 8/16/09

My secret to running fast is running in Chicago. I had a kick-ass last leg at Ragnar and then a really good build-up run while I was in Chicago for work a month later. I am hoping my super Chicago speed comes out next weekend.  This is not my A race, this a test to see where my body is at. I had goals for this year. I have at least reached the “enjoy running again” goal. I am also doing really well on the “stay healthy” goal. And while a 6:30 AM start time sounds terrible, it is summer, it is hot and humid. I would rather be up early and done running before the weather is horrendous.

Half Marathons

After my whining and bitching I realized that my first half marathon was only two years ago and really I have come quite a long way since then. I ran the NYC Half the last time it was in August (yeah, I know, stupid). Since then I have run a full marathon, several halfs, ten milers, some shorter distances, and a Ragnar Relay. By random chance I will run another half almost exactly two years later and I know I am a much better runner than I was then. I am faster, I am smarter and I know what to expect. Who looks that happy at mile 11 of their first half? Me apparently (of course that is where my friends were cheering for me).

Here I come RnR Chicago. You better be a fast course.

5 thoughts on “What happened to my speed?

  1. I think that’s why I love running so much, yeah you “compete” against others, but really you’re just competing against yourself. I hope the weather cooperates for the race, but man is it hard to race at all in the summer….. hopefully you can get in a cool fall race to tear up as well! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I agree. I am viciously competitive with myself. I don’t know why I keep signing up for mid-August races. Fall will come. I just have to be patient.

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