Three Things Thursday

1. Shin pain, what a bitch. Where did it come from and why 4 days before a race? Go away. No one wants you here. I hate you shin pain. I will also choose to ignore you on Sunday. In a nutshell Shin Pain can go f*** itself.

2. I like beer. I don’t drink the week before races. It sucked being at the Horny Goat Hideaway for Volleyball night when I only go for the beer. At least it was really nice out last night.

3. I’m so excited about things coming up in the next few weeks I don’t even know which countdown is more exciting. One of my best friend’s is visiting Wisconsin for the first time ever. I am visiting Portland for the first time to visit another friend and football season is almost here (pre-season doesn’t count).

2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Ugh, shin pain. I feel your pain. Literally. That is the one and only pain/injury I EVER succumb to. Stretch out those calves. Ice. Foam roll. Make them go f**k themselves, basically.

    1. Thanks. That is the plan. Thankfully no pain this morning. No running today. And well, I will be running on Sunday.

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