Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon

Let’s take a quick step back and look at my Goals and Thoughts for the weekend:

Goals for the weekend in Chicago:

  • Have fun!
  • Remember that I love racing.

I achieve both of these goals. I had a fantastic weekend in Chicago. Jenn and I both got in Friday night, her quite a bit later, but I was so out of it I did not hear her come in or climb into our giant king size bed.

Maureen joined us Saturday morning and we all did a pre-race run over to the expo. We wanted to get in and out early to avoid the crowds. We got our bibs, signed up to win a millions things that will most likely end up just being more emails in our inboxes and wandered the expo. We were all pretty well behaved and did not walk out of there with large purchases. We probably walked around a lot more than we should the day before a race, but it was just so much fun to hang out with Jenn and Maureen again. We met up with Kelsey and Laura, more Ragnar girls, for an early dinner and then all separated ways for an early night.

Morning came way too early. Jenn’s alarm went off at 4:00am. Mine was set for 5:00. I realized how lucky I am that I don’t have stomach issues when running. I shoveled down some cheerios, got dressed and was ready to go. Jenn and I left the hotel to meet up with Maureen, Kelsey and her friend. We found gear check and bathrooms without a line pretty quickly and then all separated off to different corals. Maureen moved back several corals and I kind of moved up one so we could hang out together before starting. I knew I wouldn’t see her again until the finish, but it is nice to have someone to chat with before the race starts.

My goal was to go out conservatively and just see how it went. This was my first Rock ‘n’ Roll event and it was quite fun to have the bands every mile. I don’t race with music so I enjoyed it all. There were a lot of people out cheering considering how early the race started (6:30am). Lots of kids, the UIC Cheerleaders, teens with KISS face paint on (bets on any of them knowing who KISS is?), and friends and families of runners. Miles 9 and 10 were the hardest for me and almost always are. Not sure if it is a mental thing or not, but I definitely need to look into that. Once I got to Mile 11 I told myself I had to pick up the pace and push it. I ran the very last mile fast, really fast for me, right around 8:00 minutes. My finishing power never ceases to amaze me. It is not that I save too much because when I cross that finish line I am done. Garmin had me at 2:00:00. I’m easily amused.

I got my medal and then there were popsicles! Seriously genius idea. I found Maureen and we went to get our free MGD 64s. Moments late the rain started and that is when I got cold. Maureen kept running into everyone she has ever run with, but it was fun to meet people I have heard so much about. And then as we were leaving I finally got to meet Chanthana! We have been so close to meeting before.

Hot showers, comfy clothes, mimosas and food ended the fun weekend.

Official Results:
Chip Time: 2:00:01
Division: 512/2488
Gender: 1641/9480

4 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon

  1. I’m glad it went so well and you ended up having fun after all!

    And what a memorable finishing time…

    Now take care of your body and get ready to shatter your PR in your next one.

  2. WTF chip time?!?! Hahah I love that your garmin was 2 hours on the nose. And me thinks you were sand bagging a bit pulling off an 8 minute 13th mile. 😉 Great race! Great job.

    1. Darn-it Jeri – I was trying to convince myself otherwise. Oh well, good thing I wasn’t going for a PR at this half. I have the fall for that.

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