Three Things Thursday

1. I still think the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago course was long. And before you start lecturing me let me state that I understand running the tangents. I do not expect to run exactly 13.1. I ran 13.77. I raced with a footpod. The footpod works with my garmin indoors, it should work when I am under bridges and there are tall skyscrapers. While I remain upset about this I also know that my official time was 2:00:01 for 13.1. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe I ran 13.77 in 2:00:00. That being said this is my last complaint about the course.

2. Badger football starts two 2 weeks from today. TWO WEEKS! That is 14 days. I can’t wait.

3. I am exhausted. I need to stop. I need some time to myself. This will not happen until Monday. I left for Chicago straight from work last Friday then immediately drove out to my parents’ house after returning, didn’t get back to my own apartment until Tuesday and am pretty sure the only time I have spent at home has been sleeping. But I will keep on trucking because Thai Phi is visiting this weekend! I will catch up on sleep someday. Shouldn’t I have more time for myself? I live alone. I don’t have kids.

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