A fun weekend of running

I ran both days this weekend! Big deal for me. Plus I was pretty lazy this week and kept telling myself that it was ok because it was recovery week. I needed to get some miles in.

Saturday Thai Phi and I ran along the Oak Leaf trail in what I considered perfect weather. It was 70 and overcast and then it misted on me. The only negative were the gnats by the lake. Holy crap were there gnats. (And if you want to see some really terrible puns check out my DailyMile post). It was gross. Enough so that I changed my planned route and got away from the lake. It was a great start to a fabulous Saturday. I ran 8 instead of 10 and was okay with that.


Sunday morning Thai Phi and I got up and went for a trail run. She had never done trail running before, but loves to hike and enjoys nature so I took her to Nashotah Park. We had a fantastic run. I didn’t care about my pace, I didn’t care about the distance. We just had fun. I loved running with Thai Phi. We chatted, we took pictures, we walked up the hills. It was perfect.

And then this afternoon I got an email from my coach that made me super happy:

Wow those are awesome races. Probably the most fun races out of anyone I coach all fall for racing. Plus with the Army 10 miler in there that is a tough one for sure.

Great fall schedule.

I was worried my fall race calendar was too crazy and my coach wouldn’t like how close races were together. Not so much. And he was very nice about me needing to move my long runs to Sunday’s since I have Badger tickets and there is no way I will get in a long run before an 11:00am kickoff.

And after a so-so, but fun recovery week it is back to the grind. I am actually looking forward to my workouts for the next several weeks.

I am back.

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