So much more than the shoes

I remember someone telling me running was easy because all you needed were shoes. I wish I could go back to that moment and laugh. I was so naive that I believe this notion.

It amazes me I get out the door sometimes.

Shoes are just the beginning. And a lot of us are pretty obsessive over our shoes. I spent more on running shoes than any other shoes I own and I have a lot of shoes. We wont buy just any shoe. We want the perfect shoe. The perfect shoe for me is not the perfect shoe for you. We all have different feet and different strides and and endless number of other issues that may affect which shoes we purchase. And a lot of us have more than one pair. How many pairs of running shoes do you currently have?

Socks are a whole other story. It blows my mind what I will spend on running socks, but I learned very early on that you will regret buying the cheap ones. I now run almost exclusively in Smartwool socks. They are the best. I love them.

Tech Clothing – I used to run in cotton <<shudder>>. You couldn’t pay me to run in cotton. All the different layers you need when you live in a climate like Wisconsin. It is exhausting. I have run in everything from 8 to 90 degrees this year (above 90 and below 0 equal treadmill). That is a lot of different clothing. I would run in Nike Tempo Shorts year round if I could. I own one pair of running shorts that are not Nike. That was just stupid. Now everything else is a variety of brands, usually whatever is on sale.

Watch/HR Monitor/GPS – There are so many choices for this. I run with a Garmin 310XT which I rationalized when I told myself I would get back into triathlons. And then there is the HR strap and the shoe pod and whatever other add-ons you can think of.

Hydration– again, there are endless options. I used to be a FuelBelt girl. Now I run with a Nathan handheld. I love it!

Hat/visor/Headband – I need something to keep my hair out of my face. It really varies by day. I do know I need another hat. I am hoping I get a free one at a race this fall.

Music – Here is the one thing I have let go of. I used to periodically run with my ipod shuffle, but somehow dropped running with music this summer.

Sunglasses – This is only a sometimes needed item

BodyGlide – Do NOT run without this product. I tend to find bodyglide in weird places like my purse. It is also good for non-running uses in the summer.

Now what have I forgotten? Clearly something. Like I said before, sometimes I don’t know how I get out the door. Also, I don’t believe in “naked” runs. Even if it is an easy, carefree run I want it logged.

So much more than the shoes.

Disclaimer: None of this is meant to be an advertisement. These are just the products I use. You may have a different favorite and that is totally okay. That is why they make so many options.

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