Pre “Race” Thoughts – Oregon Wine Country Half

This race is not about racing. This race is about running 13 miles and having fun. I wasn’t supposed to be racing this weekend, but when I discovered that there was a half marathon 15 minutes from my friend’s house in Oregon I decided I had to run it. I mean I had 13 on my schedule for this weekend so this is really just an expensive training run.

In preparing for this race we did a bunch of wine tasting on Friday. Mm, yummy pinot noirs all afternoon. Lange Estate Winery was one of my favorites. We bought a few bottles. We split all of the tastings so Marie could drive and I didn’t get drunk. I really think this is fantastic way to spend a day two days before a non-race.

Packet pick-up was uneventful and easy. I really like the shirt so that’s a plus. Race preparation is laying on the couch watching football. I think this is a good plan. Since I am in Oregon we will be watching the Oregon-LSU game this afternoon and then it will be a relatively early night.

Goals for tomorrow: Have a good 13 mile run. Don’t run too hard.

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