Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon

Now that I am sitting at the Portland airport ready to leave Oregon I finally have time to write up a race report. As I mentioned in my Pre-Race thoughts I really wasn’t planning on racing this.

Packet pick-up was uneventful and easy, other than terrible signage to where the actual packet pick-up was once we were at the Aviation Museum. Saturday was a pretty low-key day where we sat on the couch and watched football. With the Ducks getting beaten down by LSU we were glad we had decided to watch the game at Marie’s apartment.

I got up at 5:30 on race morning, got dressed, ate a small breakfast and then woke Marie up so we could leave her place by 6ish. As a local she had plan on which road to take to Stoller Vineyards, which was the start line. We ended up having to double back as they closed a bunch of the alternate routes to the vineyard. Racer drop-off was pretty simple, hugged Marie and walked to gear check. It was 54 degrees at 6:30! I was ecstatic to be racing in these conditions. Gear check was easy so I wandered down to the start. With only 1600 runners it was self-seeding for start placements. The breakdowns were pretty large as well. I went to the 1:50-2:09 area knowing that baring a disaster I would finish under 2:09.

I felt great at the start, it was cool, my legs were happy and I was just cruising. This only lasted for the first few miles. The course was a lot hillier than advertised, which I am not against, I just wasn’t mentally prepared for this. I reminded myself several times that I was running this for fun, for the views and to get 13 miles in. We literally ran through wine country. It was beautiful. The only really sucky part was the 4 miles on a gravel road. Somewhere around mile 10 or so there was a band up on a hay truck. That was fun. I really was not feeling the run during miles 9-11, but I just kept on pushing.

This was a point-to-point race which I had never done before. We finished in Carlton, OR. Had I been racing I would have been really pissed about my time, but for a training run this was a great 13 mile run. I am really glad I signed up. I got my wine glass at the finish line, but really did not want to drink wine at 9:15 AM. Marie didn’t want to either so we just took off so I could eat and shower. We had plans for wine tasting later.

My sweet finisher's medal. We definitley put it to good use!

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