Three Things Thursday

1. The Packers open the NFL season tonight! This makes two Thursdays in a row that Wisconsin football is nationally broadcasted. I almost broke out my green and gold nail polish, but then remembered I have repaint my nails red and white for Saturday’s Badger game. I’m pretty excited for the Packer game tonight. Just in case anyone doesn’t remember they are the reigning SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!

Bonus Random Fact: I own a share of the Packers.

2. This weekend is Ironman Wisconsin. I LOVE Ironman weekend. There was something really special about living and going to school in an Ironman city. I haven’t been back since 2008. It is going to be great. I will get to see some of my old teammates from my season training and competing with Madison Multisport. I’m also hoping to see some Twitter and DailyMile friends.

3. My speed is finally coming back! I whined/bitched about this about a month ago. I was getting really impatient. Well the patience has paid off. My “normal” run speed is dropping. I am running faster without as much effort. It turns out training works.

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