A whole lot of miles

Last week I wrote a poor me post bitching whining about not getting my miles in last weekend. More than anything I was mad at myself. After writing about it and whining about it I moved on.

After being whiny last Monday morning/afternoon I went home and decided to try and get my long run in. Thanks to the disappearing sun I was only able to get almost 11 miles in. It was a fantastic long run. I am so glad I got over myself and ran. I kept a great pace, my legs weren’t mad at me, only the sun disappeared on me.
Monday Miles: 10.63 in 1:41.56 for an overall pace of 9:35

Long run on Monday meant Monday run on Tuesday. Thankfully my legs were surprisingly pretty fresh.
Tuesday Miles: 6.43 in 1:02.48 for an overall pace of 9:46 (It actually probably should have been slower, oh well.)

Workout Wednesday: 8×800 at 10 miler pace. I did a nice 2 mile warm-up followed by the 8 800s with a 60 second rest. I ended up doing these faster than planned and was happy with them (range of 3:42-4:06).
Wednesday Miles: 7.29 in 1:09.54, overall pace irrelevant

Thursday – Massage day. It was fantastic. I must work more of these into my training, meaning my budget.
Thursday Miles: Zero

Friday – Rest day
Friday Miles: Zero

Saturday – Long run and Badger game. This meant an early start. Planned on meeting people for 10 in Tosa so I went early to get in 3 additional miles and then ran 6 with a larger group and the last 4 with a smaller group. The miles just kept going by. It was a great morning. We didn’t get rained on and I was only cold for the first mile or so. I happily got 13 done and then went on my way to Madison so cheer on the Badgers.
Saturday Miles 13.0 in 2:09.40 for an overall pace of 9:58 (This workout was about the miles, not the pace)

By the time Sunday came around I really did not want to run. I had spent the night at my parents’ house so I did my favorite loop around one of the lakes. Once I got moving I was fine, other than the fact that my legs were mad at me for all the other miles this week. Oh well. I ran.
Sunday Miles 5.1 in 51:35 for an overall pace of 10:07

Total weekly mileage: 42.44
I haven’t run this in over a year. I know it included a run that should have been done in the previous week, but I don’t care. I am a 4 day a week runner. I have terrible fears of injuries. But I was able to run 42 miles in one week and my body did not give out on me. I am fine. In fact, mentally, I am better than fine.

Time to start thinking about the Army 10 Miler, which is in less than two weeks. I finally get to see where my training has taken me. I can’t wait to see what I am capable of.

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