What is it about the marathon?

I’ve already posted on why I am not running a marathon this year. It can really be summed up as “I don’t want to”. But that is not to say that I never want to run a marathon again. And that question I can’t answer right now.

It is marathon season. I have friends all over the country setting PRs and getting ready for their fall marathons. In all honesty I am jealous. I am super proud of my friends, but I am jealous. I almost tear up reading people’s race reports.

Why does my body hate the marathon?

My good friend J ran a 3:25 at the Lakefront Marathon this past weekend. Her previous PR was 3:38, which was her first marathon. Of course now she has completed an Ironman and runs like a crazy woman. J is awesome and super supportive of my running. She is fast, never condescending, and always asks how my training and races are going. She talks about her times in a way that makes it seem normal. I was so excited for her when I got the updates Sunday morning. But again, a little jealous and not of her time.

Will I be able to run another marathon?

I can’t even count how many of you out there are running Chicago this coming weekend. I am so excited for you. And while Chicago is a bit of a sore spot for me I wish I was coming to cheer for the runners. I trained my ass off for it last year and didn’t get to run. MCM is coming up as well. I can’t even describe how much fun I has spectating and cheering for my friends. MCM just makes me miss DC and my running buddies and reminds me of an awesome day last year. I love watching my friends reach goals. I love supporting my friends.

What is it about the marathon?

It is 26.2 miles. Why do I want to run that again? What is it about those 26.2 miles? I love the half-marathon. I love 13.1. I don’t even want to think about how many tears I have shed over the marathon. Or how much money I have spent on doctors appointments and physical therapy visits. Who gets a stress fracture in their femur? Me, that’s who. To this day that is how people react. Medical professionals included. I am just that special.

I don’t need to run another marathon. There is no need. No one expects me to. I really think it might just be to prove to myself that I can do it without getting injured, but (and this is a huge but), I can’t take another marathon injury. It is heartbreaking. I think I consumed too much of my injury last year.

Will there be another marathon?

No idea. But I do wish everyone good luck at Chicago and PDX (and all the other races out there) this weekend! I will be racing the Army 10 Miler in DC (another fantastic distance to race).

11 thoughts on “What is it about the marathon?

  1. marathons are such a crazy thing-so much time, pain, suffering, sacrifices and we keep coming back for more. I’m looking forward to hopefully going to the starting line of my 3rd one injury-free for the first time in a few weeks.

    10-milers are a sweet distance though! good luck!

  2. Thanks for your post. I am afraid to be running my first one in 3 weeks..Your post made me grateful, and helped me feel that it is a gift to just start and finish one. I am doing the MCM, it will be my first. I will remember to be grateful while I am in it.

    1. Nerves are 100% normal. The crowd support at MCM is awesome. No matter the heartbreak that the marathon has caused me, crossing that finish line in Philly in 2009 was amazing. I cried. Best of luck and have a great time.

  3. Though I’m running Chicago on Sunday, you have no idea how much I can relate to all that you’re feeling in this post.
    I was off running for 4 torturous months with an injury, FROM a marathon. doh. But for some unknown reason I just have to do it again, it’s hard to just “meh, I quit”.
    But, like everyone else said, you’re a great runner no matter what distance you do. Go out and ENJOY the Army 10 miler! I hear it’s a great race! Good luck!

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