Three Things Thursday

1. I am running the Army 10 Miler on Sunday. This has been a strange race week. I am excited, but I think it is more about going to DC. I mean I want to PR and I think I can, but I get to see my friends, my running buddies. I have run the Army 10 before. I liked the course. I know it will be crowded at the start, but I get to run through my favorite city. I know my goals. I may or may not post them before the race.

2. A friend of my brother was killed in what they think was a hit and run while she was out running. I didn’t know her, but am devastated by this. She was a young healthy girl enjoying her life. A hit and run is possibly my worst nightmare as a runner. I don’t know more details and I can’t imagine what my brother is going through.

3. I want to wish all my friends running the Chicago Marathon good luck. I wish I could be there to cheer for you guys, but the planners of the Army 10 did not ask me. I hope the mother nature isn’t a bitch.

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