Three Things Thursday

1. Football. We all know I love it. I get a double dose this weekend. On Saturday Jen and I are going to the Badger game. It is Homecoming and they are playing Indiana so the Badgers will probably score at least 70 points. No really. They beat Indiana 83-20 last year. Then on Sunday my dad and I are going to the Packers game. Now having lived most of my life in Wisconsin I am ashamed to admit I have never been to Lambeau Field. This will change on Sunday.

2. My brother is coming home in just a few weeks! I am so freaking excited. While this is the first time in my life that my dad doesn’t have to work Christmas or New Year’s my brother will be gone for both Holidays. I was really upset at first, but it is a great opportunity for him and I am thrilled his job is going so well for him. Little does he know that I will not let him have any free time in November while he is home.

3. Running has been a bit slow for me lately. I had a good race at the Army Ten Miler, but other than that life has just been getting in they way. I have decided to let it go and just get back out there.

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