Not the race I planned – RnR St. Louis

I have been avoiding writing this all week. This was not my race. This was not my A goal, this was not my B goal, this was not my C goal. I forgot to have my D goal be finishing, which is exactly what I did. It was not a personal worst, but it was not anything close to what I wanted.

I owe Mo a big huge thank you for offering to pace me to a 1:55. She was fantastic for 10 miles when I sent her off on her own. I knew I did not have it in me at that point. (Although I was only about 25 seconds off my Army 10 miler time from 2 weeks earlier). It all went to crap at 10.5.

My splits were great and I was feeling good for most of the first 10 miles. Mo was giving my heads up on the rolling hills that made up the entire course. For the first time ever I considered DNFing the race. I was miserable. My legs hurt, my stomach was upset. I called my dad at mile 11. I am so, so glad he answered the phone. He told me what I needed to hear. I sucked it up. I decided to ignore my Garmin for the rest of the race. I took several waters and several energy drinks at the next aid station. I am glad I pulled it together. I am glad I finished. And I am glad I was smart enough to not dwell on it. I had another day and half in St. Louis to enjoy.

St. Louis

Jenn was an amazing host. And did a great job sharing her city with us this weekend. She picked me up from the airport Saturday morning and took me to breakfast. Then we went back to the airport to pick up Kelsey. Next up was grocery shopping for the post-race party hosted by a friend of Jenn’s. Next up was pick-up #3. We had to get Mo from the train station. We hit up the race expo where I had given myself the freedom to buy something this time around, but was uninspired. Jenn took us to a really yummy Italian restaurant.

After the race we went to Jenn’s friends house and had food and drink. Pulled pork sandwiches, mimosas, beer. It was all good. Except their cable was out so no football. Kelsey, Mo and I decided to check out the Casino. We played some slots and then went back to the hotel and passed out. No alarms the next day.

We took our sweet time, wandered down to the “free” breakfast. It was awesome. The big plans for Monday were to go to the Arch.

I did qualify for Half Fanatics this weekend so there’s that. #1469

It was a great weekend. And there are always more races.

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