Volunteering at Races

I volunteered at the Lakefront Discovery Run on Saturday. It is a fun local race and starts pretty close to where I live. I purposely waited too long to sign up so that I couldn’t sign up. No more 2011 races! (I like to remind myself of this as often as I can). I just figure I should give back. I run a lot of races and know that they wouldn’t happen without the volunteers. Plus I discovered, while injured, how much fun volunteering is.

I volunteered at the Wisconsin Marathon and the Indoor Marathon earlier this year and then the Discovery Run on Saturday. Tracey asked me if I volunteer a lot. I laughed and told her she just happened to run two of the races I volunteered at this year. One of the fun parts of volunteering at local races is getting to see people you know. I saw Tracey, Annie and Rochelle before the start and then again at the finish. I also saw Ginesa and Kim at the finish.

I have been wondering what is volunteering a lot? I don’t really think volunteering at three races over the course of a year is a lot. Plus I have the time and I know how hard race directors work to get volunteers. I find it fun. I like chatting with the other volunteers. It is usually other runners, spouses and friends of runners or people who just enjoy being at the races.

At the Wisconsin Marathon I was handing out the space blankets at the finish and one of my college roommates litterally ran into my arms. I had no idea she had come up with Chicago to run it and she had no idea I was volunteering. How fun is that? I would love to run into a finisher’s shoot and see a friend.

I know not everyone has time to volunteer at races, but if you do, just think about it. Think about the races you have run and the volunteers you have encountered.

2 thoughts on “Volunteering at Races

  1. I always want to get more involved with and at local races….but there’s always something. Work, travel, the fact they all inevitably start at the crack of dawn. So many excuses!

    Good for you for getting out there and giving back your sport!

    1. Work and travel definitely get in the way. I just decided to finally get over the early morning thing. I usually make sure to not sign up for things that involve pre-dawn.

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