Goals and Thoughts for Tyranena Beer Run Half Barrel

I am going about this one completely different than I did for RnR St. Louis. I had goals there, the went bad. I want to run and have fun. One of my best friends is running her first half marathon on Saturday! I am so excited for her. This was 100% her decision to train for and sign up for a half marathon. A lot of our mutual friends think I coerced her into. I did nothing of the sort. She decided on her own to fly to Wisconsin to do this race.

Her training has had all kinds of ups and downs. DC weather, travel, illness, single parenting, but she has stuck through it all. We joke about me having to switch between Coach Renee and Friend Renee in our emails and texts. I have had so much fun helping her create a training plan and talking her through it all. It has helped me realize how much I have learned over the past several years. With each race I do, I learn more about myself and more about running and racing. Sharing that with someone close to me has been fun. She will arrive with smiles and she will leave with smiles. I know it.

On top of Thai Phi running her first half this weekend my brother and his friend are coming along. Many of you probably know by now that my brother does not live near me. In fact he lives most of the year in Europe. I am elated that he is coming home even if it is for not a very long time. I don’t remember the last time I have had family at a race. (This is not to say that my parents aren’t amazingly supportive because they are). I am just excited to have people to come a long and cheer.


  • Have fun
  • Finish the race
  • Help TP have fun
  • Cheer loudly when she crosses the finish line
  • Enjoy the finish line festivities

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