Running Excuses

I seem to have fallen into a pattern of not running. It’s cold out. It’s dark. I’m tired. I raced a lot this year. I can run tomorrow. I need to get out of this mentality before it becomes a running funk. I do not want that. It is not that I don’t want to run. It’s not that I am not running. I am just barely running. And coming up with new excuses and procrastination methods by the day.

Let’s look at last week. I ran with Sara one day and I ran a Turkey Trot. A whopping 8.5 miles. Come on Renee, you can run that in one run, but I didn’t. I used travel and family as excuses.

To motivate my ass out the door I am meeting people this evening and then running with Sara Thursday morning, which will be really nice.

And because I am me I have another race this weekend. I’m not very excited because I am ready to be done racing for the season. I am running the Hot Chocolate 15K in DC since I will be in town for TP‘s 30th birthday extravaganza. It will be an automatic PR since I have never run a 15K so I have that going for me. And it means I will run 9.3 miles before gorging on brunch followed by dinner and drinks.

Somehow in all of this I have to obsess over the Badgers who are playing in the inaugural Big Ten Championship game. The bar that was chosen for the birthday extravaganza does not have TVs. Bets on how quickly I kill my phone battery?

And this happened yesterday:

2011-12 Wisconsin Bowl Ticket Request Confirmation

Yep, I put my name and credit card number in for Rose Bowl tickets. There is no guarantee the Badgers are going and there is no guarantee that I will get tickets if they do, but I could not pass it up for a second year in a row.

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