Racing with Friends

I could write a November in review post, but it wouldn’t be all that exciting. I ran, not as many miles as I should have. I ate a lot of food at Thanksgiving. I dealt with the weather getting colder. Blah, blah, blah.

The best thing I discovered this month is how great it is to race with friends! And I don’t just mean go to races with friends, which is fantastic, but to run the whole race with people.

At Tyranena I ran the entire race with Sara. It was fantastic. We had a ball.

A week later (because I’m crazy) I ran Chicago’s Perfect 10 with Mo. It’s amazing how the miles just fly by when you are chatting with a friend. And, she is super speedy which helps push me.

And last, but certainly not least, I ran a Turkey Trot with my family. I don’t even know how to express how cool it was to cross a finish line with my dad.

I have gone to many races with friends and that is lots of fun on it’s own, but before this month (minus the St. Louis debacle of a race) I had never run a whole race with a friend. I actually thought it was weird that people did this. I know, silly me. The best part about this discovery is planning for next year. Sara and I are going to break 1:55 together at the Wisconsin Marathon in May. I will convince my dad to do some more local races with me. And when Mo is injured or having a slow day we get to run together.

So thanks running buddies, I had a fun month racing with you. 🙂

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