Fun times in DC

I could write a scathing review of the Hot Chocolate 15K, but I think enough people have done that already. If you still want to know about the race just go to their Facebook page (bullshit apology).

The race was just one activity during Thai Phi‘s birthday weekend. We thought it would be fun to do. We had fun in the 2 hour, 5 mile drive there mainly because there were 5 of us and I hadn’t seen anyone in months. The actual running was fine. My friend Emily and I decided to run together. We went out a bit fast for the first mile, almost got into a rhythm and then boom, no room anywhere. We dodged people for the next several miles. I almost ran straight into a woman, had to dodge cones, was breathing truck fumes and this was all before Mile 3. The turn around wasn’t so bad, but then the course got smaller. Emily and I continued to take turns winding through people. I had some how blocked out the hill we had to go back up, yuck. Once we got near the start line it was a long down hill, which we flew down (Mile 6). When we started going up again, Emily said something and I just took off. The up was rough, but then I really pushed it for Mile 8. The ridiculous race then ended up hill. It was painful, but I did it. I finished. Not a 15K. It was short.

“Official” Time for 15K: 1:20:12 (8:37 pace)
Real Time for 9.13 miles: 1:20:12 (8:47 pace)

We met up with more friends for brunch. We were absolutely starving and about an hour and half late for our reservation. Lots of hugs and chatting and food. The staff at Rustico were amazing!

Thai Phi, Mark and I went back to her place for nap time. This was an imperative part of the day considering we got up at 5:15 and had a late night planned. I am so glad I napped. It was amazing.

Here are a few select shots from an awesome birthday party.

We decided champagne helps you get ready to go out.
Friends, new and old.
Barry, me and Pete
Me, Emily, Emily, Kerry
Amelia, Thai Phi, Me

All in all it was a fabulous weekend. I love visiting my friends in DC. Not only was I back in town, but other people were too. I was up late, but it was worth it. My feet kind of hated me, but again totally worth it.

Sunday was great as well. I slept in. Thai Phi made breakfast for me and Mark. I met my goal of no hangover. I love lazy Sundays with Thai Phi and Mark. It felt like old times when we would sit around Mark’s place.

As always a big thank you to Thai Phi for letting me stay with her. And thank you to all my friends for a great weekend. I love you guys and I’ll be back in March.

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