Running Wishlist

I happen to know my parents have already done most of their Christmas shopping, but that doesn’t preclude me from having more things I want. (It also doesn’t help that I always want new running gear). I’m mostly set for winter running and have ban myself from buying Nike tempo shorts (even if they are a good deal). So far I’m standing strong. I also ban myself from buying more tanks so my list is pretty short right now.


Why oh why does it have to be $50. I love this shirt. I have one and wish I had maybe 4.

2. Another hat. It’s cold here in Wisconsin and I run outside. I used to have an Adidas one I really liked so I picked this one.

3. Arm warmers. I’ve never had any and I’m curious. On this one I need suggestions.

4. Another pair of running tights. This is actually something I kind of need. I don’t have a specific brand in mind here. I have a few different ones. I usually decided based on sale price.

5. I’ll always take more Smartwool socks, which are by far the best socks I have ever run in. And almost the only sock I run in. They are that good.

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