Three Things Thursday

1. I haven’t done my speed work in quite some time. Oops. Tonight I did. I have a feeling I will soon hurt. But it did feel good to really push myself again. I’m trying really hard to get back into 4 solid runs a week.

2. I am super excited for this weekend. It’s gingerbread house decorating! This is a tradition my mom started with us 20 years ago or something like that. When we were little my brother and I did one together, then as we got older we got to do our own. I think we have missed maybe one of the last twenty years. Last year Levi and I did one together again. I love this activity. This year Levi won’t be here, but dad said he wants to help.

3. I am done Christmas shopping. I do not enjoy this task. I don’t like the mall in general and this time a year it’s insane. I did do a lot of my shopping online, but made more trips to Mayfair than I wanted (one was for a return), but I survived it and I’m done. I’m also quite happy with the gifts I found for my parents.

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