Winter Running Wonderland

Snow. I love it. This is no secret. I prefer snow running to summer running. People tried to call me out last summer when it was 80 bazillion degrees and humid when I said I prefer snow running. Well, now there is snow and I still love it.

Sara and I had plans to run Saturday morning. Nothing unusual. Until I opened twitter and it was full of excited over snow and running. It was like we were all little kids seeing snow for the first time. It even felt that way. We live in Wisconsin. It is mid December. There is supposed to be snow. I slowly peaked out of my shades and saw that there really was snow. I bounded, and by bounded, I mean scurried over the cat who wouldn’t move to get out of bed. I had set out an outfit the night before, but became very indecisive about layers. It was 24, sunny and snowing! What an amazing morning.

Once ready I went and sat in the doorway of my building just watching the snow. So pretty. As I got into Sara’s car we were both still giddy with excitement over getting to run in the snow. When we got to the park there was one other car and only two sets of tracks on the path. It was just an amazingly beautiful morning to be out running. We ran south by Lake Michigan and as the sun came out once the snow stopped it was even more beautiful. We had to slow our pace so as to not slide and injure ourselves, but it didn’t matter. I wish I had lots more pictures from the run, but well then, I wouldn’t have gotten such a good run in.

I love snow running. And to do an unofficial half in the snow was a perfect Saturday morning. We rewarded ourselves with eggnog lattes, which was a brilliant idea. Once again, thank you to Sara for a great run. I’m looking forward to surviving winter in Wisconsin together.

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