Learning to not hate the Treadmill

I have written many tirades against this evil machine. Turns out it is not completely evil. I mostly use it when the weather is unbearable: 90+ degrees and humid, sub zero temps, ridiculous winds, etc. I view it as a last resort.

I really haven’t tried to like this machine. I have run on it while cursing it. I have lost fights with it (cut workouts short) many times. I have chosen to not run.

Sometime earlier this year I did one of my speed workouts on the treadmill due to 50mph winds and rain. Turns out a controlled climate makes speed workouts much easier. (And yes, I had heard lots of people say this before. I just ignored them and assumed they were treadmill loving individuals). I realize there is a reason to use these machines.

I was wrong. I admit it. The treadmill is not out to kill me. It is not completely evil.

Speed workouts are a great way to make it so you are not concentrating solely on the fact that you have X number of miles left. It gives you something else to think about. Not only that, but it gives allows me to control my workout. I am forced to go faster than I would outside. I can keep my pace much more steady. And I’m actually getting my speed workouts done at paces that I am supposed to be hitting. I can be speedy. Yay!

I still don’t like the treadmill, but I no longer hate it.

5 thoughts on “Learning to not hate the Treadmill

  1. I actually love the treadmill for speed workouts. I know exactly what pace I’m set at and for how long, it’s so much easier for intervals than trying to do the math in my head with the Garmin on my wrist.

    For regular runs though, no, I can’t stand it. 2, maaaaaybe 3 miles is my absolute maximum for a base mileage run.

  2. I love treadmills for speedwork. You’re right- it gives your brain something to do to make it bearable. It even seems to go by fast when you’re changing it up every couple of minutes or so.

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