How did I get here?

A year ago I found myself in tears frequently and in many inappropriate places: a bar, my part time job, on the metro. Reality would hit and I realized how few days and moments were left of my life in DC. The last time I was going to go to Happy Hour at a certain bar. The last time I would hang out with friends. I was unhappy about everything. I didn’t want to be moving to Wisconsin. I didn’t have a job lined up. I was moving back in with my parents, which was not something I ever imagined doing. I spent the end of 2010 in tears. I spent the beginning of 2011 in tears. I said goodbye to people that I consider some of my best friends. I moved into the unknown. I was starting over at 25 years old. This was not in my life plan. This was not something I fathomed.

It is almost the end of 2011 and I don’t know where the year went. I started a new job. I got a new apartment. I adopted a kitty. I met amazing people. I visited DC. I rediscovered my love for running, which was a much harder journey than I imagined. I visited my brother in France. I went to Oregon to visit my best friend. I went back to DC for my other best friend’s birthday. I went to Badger games. I went to Packer games. I spent time with my parents. I reconnected with friends in Milwaukee. I became a Half Fanatic. I ran from Madison to Chicago with total strangers and had a blast. I get to end the year with at the Rose Bowl with my best friend/college roommate. Something we have talked about since we met in the dorms as freshman. I raced with new running friends.

I am not afraid of 2012. I am ending 2011 on a high note. I am bursting into the new year with all kinds of fun plans. I will be going back to DC, but this time introducing my new running friends to my DC friends. I am running Ragnar Chicago again with all the wisdom we gained last year. So 2012, I welcome you with open arms. I am ready to take on whatever you throw at me.

4 thoughts on “How did I get here?

    1. I’m so glad you were part of this year as well! Joining your Ragnar team and meeting all those fun people was fantastic.

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