Blog Search Terms: People Confuse Me

Looking through the search terms that lead people to land on my page cracks me up. People search some strange, strange things. I think a lot of people were probably disappointed with what they found when they got to my blog.

1. Mistake #1 I made: Posting about going to the Horny Goat Hideaway where I drank Horny Goat beer.

  • karie hornie
  • horny
  • horny girls
  • horny couple
  • horny mom
  • horny me

I bet none of those people found what they were looking for. To the the idiot that spelled it “hornie” good luck finding what you are looking for. Also, why on earth did you click on a blog with this title and those search terms? (I realize that I will now get more hits for using the word many times. Oh well, good luck finding what you are looking for. I suggest trying the google image search).

2. People like to ask questions. Frequently the answer is not on my blog. I will attempt to answer the questions now.

  • was there food at the army ten miler in dc?
    -There was food. I did not eat it. There is typically food at races of 30,000 people. I think there were bananas and muffins. It probably even says so on their website.
  • does camp randall have lights?
    -Why yes, Camp Randall does have lights. Hence the fact that they have hosted night games for years. Just another reason Camp Randall is awesome.

3. I can’t possibly come up with what some people are trying to search for:

  • “showers” ragnar school
  • exciting summer insurance competition
  • tracey road races madison, wi
  • eleni + pace university
  • “renee” thaiphi

Really, what were people looking for?

4. I really need to apologize to everyone who was searching for running ornaments and got to my super depressing blog post.

5. Officially the most common search term to land on my blog was “University of Wisconsin Football”. As if I didn’t already know I was a crazy Badger fan.

6. Unofficially some sort of variation of “R’n’R St. Louis Marathon Medal” was probably one of the most frequently used search terms. Thankfully, for those people, I do have a picture of the medals.

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