2012 Running Goals

I have been giving this a lot of thought. Last year I didn’t give myself mileage goals or really amy time years. I wanted to stay healthy and to enjoy running again. I want to get a little more specific fro 2012.

  1. Break 1:55 in a half marathon. Sara and I will do this on May 5. We will do it together. We will rock it and then have our beers at the finish line.
  2. Run 1000 miles. I had this goal in 2010, but when you don’t run for 4 months this doesn’t happen.
  3. Run lots of these miles with Sara. She is an amazing running buddy. I bet we can knock out several hundred together.
  4. Set a PR in a distance other than the half. I would like to PR in the 10 miler and 5K.
  5. Have fun doing all of this. This won’t be hard. I have all kinds of fun adventures planned already. My 2012 race calendar is filling up quickly.

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