S-NO-W Fun Run

Seriously the most fun race ever. If you live anywhere within driving distance of Lake Geneva, WI you should do this race next year. For $30 you get to run a 5 miler, food (burgers and brats), beer (Leinenkugel and Miller), random door prizes, a DJ, a dance contest, and a party that went on late into the night.

Let me start at the beginning. I received a text from Mo that said something along the lines of “I heard about this awesome 5 mile race. You are doing it.” So I get on the internet and look it up. We apparently signed up within moments of each other based on our race numbers. The next conversation was “we should spend the night in Lake Geneva.” Done and done.

We met a noon, checked in, picked up our numbers, ate lunch and put our awesome matching outfits on.

The course was simple out and back. Crowded start, but it spread out quickly. First mile was around 8:35, which ended up averaging out nicely when we started around 9:30 and then caught ourselves running sub 8. We chatted for the first 4 miles and then I decided to try and kill us when going up the only hill. Then someone said “around the next corner”. Dirty, dirty liar. There were like 3 more corners, plus Garmin only said 4.6 when the guy said that.

Finish time: 40:51 (8:09) Yay!

Cinnamon Schnapps

And the post-race celebration begins. There were tables and tables on schnapps and some water. Mo and I decided to run upstairs and change out of our race outfits. When we made it back down to the ballroom it was hopping. We grabbed some beer and some food and looked around for somewhere to sit. We saw some space and joined some random people sitting on the ground. We chose well. We ended up sitting by fun people.

Jewel, Jenn, Me, and Mo
Me, Jenn, Shannon
Making a costume out of bunny ears and running clothes
Oh and Jewel won the Sausage Contest

There might have been some more craziness, but those are the only photos you get.

Moral of the story: Do this race. We will all be back. It was awesome.

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