Three Things Thursday

1. I said I was going to not over schedule myself this year. I have already failed miserably. I am busy every weekend this month. Oops. I swear I will get better at this. I need a weekend at home every now and again. Instead I apparently try to fit in as much as possible. This weekend includes dog sitting, trail running, a bridal shower, a possible 5K and Madison.

2. I’m going to Madison this weekend to go to a Badger basketball game with Jen on Sunday. I can’t wait. They remembered how to play tonight and beat a good team so I am a little less nervous for Nebraska at home. On top of Badger basketball we get to watch the Packers, chat about tris, ragnar, Revenge and who knows what else. I haven’t seen her since the Indiana football game.

3. Winter is finally here! I love snow. I love winter. I do not enjoy driving in the snow. I’m actually a little disappointed in how bad the roads still were at 8:30. Come on Wisconsin, you have the plows. I wish I could work from home tomorrow, but I do not have that luxury.

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