Brooks Cascadias

I bought new shoes on Friday. I have been running in Asics Nimbus since 2008 and Brooks Glycerin since 2010. No other shoes. I just keep buying these because they work for me. Why change something I like? There was only one year I didn’t like the Nimbus (2010), which is why I added the Glycerin.

I did some trail running in 2011 and I love it. There was really nothing wrong with either shoe I was running in, but as the weather got crappier I started looking at some trail shoes with the dual purpose of trail running and winter running in Wisconsin. After some internet searching and chatting with people on twitter I chose the Brooks Cascadias. I was going to order them online, but didn’t want to wait for them to ship so I ran into my local running store, asked for them in my size, tried them on, and bought them. The most exciting part was they only had last year’s model in my size so they were 30% off!

I purchased these shoes Friday evening and decided to break them in on a 14 mile snowy trail run because that makes sense. Who knows what I was thinking. Thankfully it turned out good. The snow was so deep in parts it really would not have mattered what shoes I had on. The only thing that would have made it easier would have been snow shoes.

My thoughts on the shoes after the hardest 13. 6 miles I have ever run:

  • They fit really nicely.
  • The toe area was not too wide, which is a problem I frequently have.
  • They are not heavy trail shoes, also a positive.
  • I could feel the grip on the slick parts of the paved trail.

I like the shoes. I obviously need to do a few more runs in them to really determine how they work for me, but if they worked well on the ridiculous run on Saturday I imagine they will work well on shorter runs. It will be awhile before I can test them on non-snow covered trails, but that is life here in Wisconsin.

Anyone else have experience with these shoes? What were your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Brooks Cascadias

  1. You mentioned that they were not heavy trail shoes. Did the weight of the shoes have any significant impact on running the 13.6 miles?

    1. The biggest hindrance in running the 13.6 miles was 6 inches of powder. I noted that they weren’t heavy just because other trail shoes I have tried on have felt heavy to me and these didn’t feel any different than what I normally run in.

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