Running and Beer

1. I have run three times this week. All three of those runs were on the treadmill. That is so unlike me. Last month I wrote that I was learning to not hate the treadmill. I feel like I have gotten a step further. Monday’s run was hard because my legs were still mad at me from Saturday, not because I was on the treadmill. Tuesday was speed and that I like doing on the treadmill. Today there were negative windchills so I opted for the treadmill once again. Not so bad. I ran 4 miles and just decided I was done. I suppose I could have done more, but I didn’t want to and who’s to say I would have felt that outside. So treadmill, I don’t hate you anymore.

2. On Saturday I am running the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon Relay. I am on team Avoid the Lap (check out our profile on Fit Milwaukee). I really have no idea what to expect. I will be running a lot of laps around a track. I don’t remember the last time I did that. Oh well, we will have fun. And once again, I will be running inside.

3. Maureen is coming to visit this weekend. She’s coming to run the Indoor Half Marathon, but really she is coming so we can play and drink beer. On Friday I am taking her to Lakefront Brewery for a tour and on Saturday we will probably hit up a few of America’s Best Beer Bars because they are down the street from where I live.

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