Ideal Race Weight?

Let me start with I am not someone obsessed with my weight. I weigh myself maybe once every two months. I generally know what I weigh. I know it fluctuates. I know this is normal. But now I am curious about this whole “ideal” race weight thing. I not unhappy with my current weight. Nor do I believe I need to lose weight. I have done a little reading and searched for some books, but I am really just at the beginning of this. I want to know more.

I also do not diet. I do watch what I eat. I believe those are very different things. I have never gone on a fad diet. (Disclaimer: I am the daughter of a dietitian who worked with people with eating disorders). Most of the fad diets out there are absolutely ridiculous especially if you know the science behind them. My mom brought us up with the mentality of moderation. You can eat what you want, but look at portion size. I flat out refuse to cut entire food groups out of my diet. Should I eat a pound of cheese for dinner? No, and I know that would be stupid. Can I have dessert? Of course, but probably not every night and not a serving that would feed four people.

So a few question:

  1. Have you ever tried to get to an ideal race weight?
  2. What did you do to figure out what this ideal race weight is?
  3. What articles or book do you recommend?
  4. Anything else you want to share?

Please don’t send me diet advice. I don’t want that and will ignore it.

2 thoughts on “Ideal Race Weight?

  1. I don’t worry much about ideal race weight. Rather, I look at being healthy and strong, and I honestly think if you get too low, you compromise your strength and recovery.

    I follow the “eat clean” diet, which is really just about eating healthily. No sugar or overly processed foods. I don’t truly consider it a ‘diet’, it’s just a way I fuel myself that helps my body to perform as I want it to.

    I MAY be looking a bit closer at my weight before an event in March- it’s a “pump and run”, where you have to bench press a percentage of your weight up to 30 reps, and for every rep, you get 30 seconds off your 5K time. They round your weight to the nearest 5 pounds, and then round the weight for you to bench to the nearest 5 pounds.
    Oh, and you get weighed fully clothed, including your running shoes!

    So with a difference of a single pound you may have to bench press 5 lbs more. For someone like me who’s struggling to work up to the max reps, that 5 lbs can make a difference!

    117 (rounds down to 115) x .7 = 81 (rounds down to 80)
    118 (rounds up to 120) x.7 = 84 (rounds up to 85)

    Now of course trying to hit a goal weight for this is a bit tricky as I don’t want to compromise this strength I’m also trying to build. But I may be a bit stingy on my carbs right before the race, just to try to be a bit lighter for the weigh-in.

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