January in Review

First I need to thank mother nature. January in Wisconsin can suck. There could have been 3 feet of snow. It could have been below zero for half the month. It was none of that. There was one week I deemed it too cold to run outside in the morning. And maybe one day I deemed it too icy. Overall January was a good month. I started off the month sick and in CA for the Rose Bowl so didn’t even have miles planned for the first few days of the new year, but ended up getting the majority of my miles in during the other weeks of the month.


Total Mileage: 94
Miles with Sara: 48
Longest Run: 13.64
Hardest Run: 13.64 miles on the trails in the snow. It almost killed me.
Races: 3

  1. Snow Fun Run 5 Miler
  2. Indoor Marathon Relay
  3. GLM Expo Run – 5K 

I think this was a pretty darn good January. I ran 35 miles last January. Of course I was running for the first time in four months last year and not coming off an awesome December, but it is still fun to see that huge jump. I’m pretty sure if I looked back further this is probably my highest January mileage ever. I can’t even express how nice it is to have this much of a base to go into spring training. I have quite a bit on the horizon in the next few months and goals to reach.

Next up: PR at the Warm Your Heart Indoor 5K

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