I might be doing something stupid

So um, I found myself on the Lakefront Marathon site today. I don’t know why I was there, but I was. I have written about the marathon a few times before: Why I didn’t run one in 2011 and then questioning the allure of the marathon.

My short marathon history goes like this:

  • I ran and finished the Philadelphia Marathon in 2009
  • I sign up for, trained, and got a stress fracture in my femur in 2010
  • I didn’t run over 13.1 in 2011

Well it’s a new year. I did not include a marathon in my 2012 Running Goals because I really believed I wasn’t ready to tackle 26.2 again.

And so the story goes, enter Sara, the most compatible running partner I have ever found. Add into it that we have become friends beyond just running together. Training for a marathon would be a lot more tolerable doing it with Sara. Next chapter in the story is Maureen, I met her at Ragnar last year. She is an amazing friend and we always have fun at races. She saw me and Sara tweeting about it and said she would consider another marathon if Sara and I were doing it. Suddenly I am very intrigued. Running a marathon with my two favorite people to run with? What could be better? It would be 26.2 miles of fun.

The feeling of crossing the finish line is indescribable.

So now I have to decide: Do I run another marathon?

One thought on “I might be doing something stupid

  1. I love it! I’m curious to see if you decide to register or not. Running any distance with great friends is always the best time!

    BTW last year I was debating registering or not when the race director replied to be on twitter that there were only so many spots left, I might lose my chance! I’ve never clicked the register button so fast in my life. 🙂

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