Phantom Pains, Real Pains or Paranoia?

My left knee hurts. While sitting still. I noticed at lunch today.

I have not been to an orthopedic doctor in a whole year. I haven’t done that in a long time. I realized this just the other day: One whole year. I find this to be exciting. I ran a whole season without injury! (Minus shin splints, but that didn’t require a trip to the doctor, just a love affair with KT Tape).

But now my knee hurts. And I don’t know why. It didn’t hurt yesterday after my run. A totally normal 5.5 mile run. I didn’t slip or twist it. Nothing happened.

Is the pain real? Am I just feeling pain because I’m paranoid?

Why left knee? Why?

I have a strong hate for orthopedic injuries. When you have your first knee surgery at age 11 it kind of ruins everything. I think college was my most injury free phase. It might have something to do with my laziness during some of those years, but whatever.

I need the pain to go away. Right now.

2 thoughts on “Phantom Pains, Real Pains or Paranoia?

  1. I have that paranoia alllll the time, and as someone who says something new hurts every week, I wonder if it’s real, but it has to be, because if I’m trying to ignore it, but I can’t because I FEEL IT, it must be real.. Right?
    Good thing you have a love affair with kttape, because there are applications for knee pain too, if yours is real, which I hope it’s not!

    1. I have actually lost count of the number of ortho docs I have seen. My knees were fine when I finally ran on Sunday. I am definitely just paranoid. I think it is a combo of phantom pain and paranoia.

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