4-5-3: Too many Races?

Remember when I was going to read a calendar before signing up for races this year? Apparently I still suck at that. I realized today that I have 4 races in the next 5 weeks in 3 different cities. Oops.

The good news is I get to see a lot of friends over the next month.

RnR NOLA is going to be a bunch of us who did Ragnar together as well as half of twitter and dailymile. I can’t wait to see my Ragnar girls. It’s been quite awhile. While yes, we are running a half marathon, we will also enjoy New Orleans. There will be hurricanes.

RnR USA, which until this year was the National Marathon is a half I will always go back to run. I love running through my city. I know the course and even though I don’t run it all the time anymore I can still picture most of it. Plus it’s my birthday race (2 years ago it was actually on my birthday). Now it is a great reason to celebrate my birthday with my DC friends.

And then toss in a 5k and an 8k in Chicago and I have 4 races in 5 weeks in 3 cities.

Bonus: I get to celebrate my birthday in Milwaukee, DC and Chicago!

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