I am full on obsessed. I haven’t been obsessed with one song in quite a long time. But I don’t want to listen to anything other than “One Day” by Matisyahu. I love the rhythm. I love the lyrics. I love everything about the song. According to my ipod/itunes I have listened to the song 38 times in 2 days. That doesn’t include today. I did branch out yesterday and listen to the rest of the album, but that was on repeat as well. It has helped me write and concentrate on a big project at work. It has helped me get going in the morning. It has me go to bed at night.  And I am not sick of the song yet.


Sometimes I lay under the moon
And I thank God I’m breathing
Then I pray don’t take me soon
Cause I am here for a reason

Sometimes in my tears I drown
But I never let it get me down
So when negativity surrounds
I know someday it’ll all turn around because

All my life I been waiting for
I been prayin for
For the people to say
That we don’t want to fight no more
They’ll be no more wars
And our children will play

One day

It’s not about win or lose cause we all lose when they feed on the souls of the innocent blood drenched pavement keep on moving though the waters stay raging and in this life you may lose your way, it might drive you crazy but don’t let it phase you no way


One day this all will change
Treat people the same
Stop with the violence down with the hate one day we’ll all be free and proud to be under the same sun singing songs of freedom like…


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