Warm Your Heart 5K Goals and Thoughts

It’s that time again. This is my first race of 2012 that I have high expectations and goals for. I have had some fun racing this year. One race with fun in the name, an indoor marathon relay, a snowy 5k. All fun, now it’s time to get down to business. The Warm Your Heart 5k is indoors. That means really good racing conditions. As in no snow, now wind, no unpredictable obstacles.

Current 5k PR: 23:43 (7/10)
Most recent 5K: 24:16  (1/12)


  • A Goal: PR, sub 23:43
  • Goal: Sub 24:00
  • Goal: Sub 24:16

That’s it. None of my I’ll be happy to finish crap. This is a 5k not a half marathon.

On top of my 5K I get to play with Mo all weekend, which really means drink beer and eat food because we are awesome like that.

It also means matching outfits because that is just fun. Check out some of our previous races together:



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris P says:

    Best of luck in hitting Goal A!

  2. Katie says:

    Good luck this weekend! I know you will kick that 5k’s a$$.

  3. Good luck! That’s a speedy goal! And lol @ “None of that happy to finish crap”

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